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At Credit Repair Consultants, we offer you the opportunity to legitimately fix your credit report – by removing erroneous data that drives a credit score down. For the past two decades, our credit experts have been assisting consumers in improving their credit. An improved credit profile allows individuals to qualify for a car loan or mortgage (which was once out of reach) and potentially secure the best available interest rates.

The credit experts near me at Credit Repair Consultants offer a free credit audit that is available to anyone in any U.S.

State because the legislation that governs creditors, credit reporting, and credit bureaus is administered at the federal, not state level.

At Credit Repair Consultants, we offer these benefits to each of our credit repair clients –

  • Unlimited professional customer service.
  • Full Money Back Warranty.
  • The Option to Cancel at any time.
  • No ‘per dispute’ charges, to name a few.

Additionally, Credit Repair Consultants understands that everyone’s credit profile and situation is unique, which is why we offer three credit repair plans, which all include a one-time setup fee of $189 –

The Standard Plan
is available From
$79.95 / mo

seeks to contact the credit repositories and challenge all in items where allowed by law.

The Premier Plan
is available From
$89.95 /mo

also includes working with debt
collectors and creditors

The HomePlus Plan
is available From
$109.95 /mo

offers all the above, plus a
dedicated mortgage

Credit Repair Consults is FCRA Certified and a member of the Credit Consultants Association. Check out our Google Review here. Call or credit experts and repair specialists at 877-402-7334 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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